Sowing & Planting Plan

Dates based on guidance from Garden Focused based on the last frost date for Sutton Surrey of the last week in April. I selected what I'm going to grow and have copied the schedule from the web site and pasted here, and then started to tweak based on experience and added lines like the fortnightly reminder for Spring Onions after the initial one in March and the Plot specific tasks that need to be completed like the preparation of the beds and the erection of the greenhouse.  



Beds 6&8 Spencer Road for onions
Raise Paving for Greenhouse
Save inner cardboard tubes from toilet rolls for runner beans etc
JanuaryApple - plant trees 
JanuaryApple - prune trees - Add eye bolts & wire to the wall 
Week 1
Week 3
Lettuce (Winter) - sow
Soil testing kit (Brussels sprouts etc.)
Week 3
Week 3
Add lime if necessary to reduce soil acidity (Brussels sprouts etc)
Lettuce (Winter) - sow 


Clear Beds for Walking Onions & Asparagus
Raise Paving for Greenhouse
Turn Compost
Apple - plant trees
FebruaryApple - prune trees - and train along wires fixed last month or do it now.
Week 1 - 2Leek - sow seed under glass / indoors
Week 1
Week 1
Brussel Sprouts - 1st sowing Eversham Special, Bedford Darkmar 21 & Rubine, Breast Cromwell & Montgomery
Cauliflower (early summer) - sow seed indoors
Week 3
Week 3
Lettuce (Winter) - sow fortnightly
Potatoes- chit / sprout seed potatoes
Week 3
Week 3 - 4
Week 3
Carrots - cover / warm up the carrot beds.
Brussel Sprouts - 2nd sowing Eversham Special, Bedford Darkmar 21 & Rubine
Cauliflower (summer) - prepare ground
Week 3Cauliflower (autumn) - prepare ground
Week 3Cabbage (summer) - sow seeds indoors
Week 4
Week 4
Sweet pepper - sow seeds
Lettice (Winter)- sow fortnightly
Late FebAsparagus - prepare ground for crowns


Greenhouse on Spencer Road to be erected
Apple - plant trees
MarchApple - prune trees - Last chance if I still have not managed it.
Week 1Asparagus - sow seeds inside
Week 1
Week 1 - 2
Brussel Sprouts - First sowing  Breast F1  
Carrot - sow seed of early varieties under cloches
Week 1 - 2Leek - thin seedlings sown in containers
Week 1Squash / pumpkins - prepare soil
Week 2Lettice - sow fortnightly
Week 2Rhubarb - start to harvest
Week 2Tomatoes - sow seed inside / greenhouse
Week 3Asparagus - apply spring fertiliser
Week 3
Week 3
Brussel Sprouts - 2nd sowing Breast F1  
Cabbage (summer) - sow outdoors
Week 3Cauliflower (early summer) - harden off
Week 3Spring Onions - start to sow fortnightly
Week 4Beetroot - sow seeds under cloches
Week 4Brussels Sprouts - thin seedlings as they appear
Week 4Cauliflower (early summer) - plant out
Week 4Lettuce - start sowing seed outside every two weeks
Week 4Potatoes - plant out sprouted sets
Week 4Sweet Peppers - pot up

April onAsparagus - harvest when 15cm high
Week 1Asparagus Crowns - plant outside
Week 1Brussels Sprouts - Sow seed of mid to late varieties
Week 1Onion Sets - plant
Week 1
Week 1
Radish - sow seed under cloches
Spring Onions - sow fortnightly
Week 1 - 2Carrot - remove cloches from early sown varieties
Week 1 - 2Carrot - sow early seed varieties in open
Week 1Onion Sets - protect from birds for 5 weeks
Week 1Turnip - start to sow seed outdoors
Week 2Beetroot - sow seed in pots indoors
Week 2Leek - sow seed outside in a temporary seed bed
Week 2Tomatoes - pot-up young plants
Week 2
Week 2
Squash / pumpkins - sow seed indoors
Lettuce - sow fortnightly 
Week 3Cabbage Spring - harvest
Week 3Cauliflower (summer) - weekly feed
Week 3Cucumber (ridge) - sow seeds indoors
Week 3Kale - sow in pots or seed bed
Week 3Lettuce - begin to thin seedlings, distance by variety
Week 3Radish - sow seed outside
Week 3
Week 3
Spring Onions - sow fortnightly
Sweetcorn - sow seed indoors / greenhouse
Week 4Beetroot - sow seed outside
Week 4
Week 4
Leek - harden off container grown seedlings
Lettuce - sow
Week 4Parsnip - sow seed outside
Week 4Sweetcorn - sow seed under cloches
Week 4
Week 4
Turnip - thin seedlings 15cm earlies, 25cm maincrops
Last Frost 

Week 1Cucumber (ridge) - sow seed under cloches outside
Week 1Runner Beans - sow seed in pots indoors
Week 1Runner Beans - sow seed under cloches
Week 1
Week 1
Spring Onions - sow
Tomatoes - begin to harden off
Week 1 - 2Carrot - sow maincrop seed
Week 1 - 2Leek - transplant container grown seedlings to final position
Week 2Beetroot - plant out seedlings sown in pots indoors
Week 2
Week 2
Leek - thin seedlings from seeds sown outdoors
Lettuce - sow fortnightly
Week 2Potatoes - nitrogen feed fortnightly
Week 2Rhubarb - apply mulch
Week 2Squash / pumpkins - harden off
Week 3Beetroot - thin out seedlings
Week 3Brussels Sprouts - transplant
Week 3Cauliflower (autumn) - sow seed in pots
Week 3Cabbage (summer) - plant indoor sown plants outdoors
Week 3Cucumber (ridge) - Harden off indoor grown plants
Week 3Runner Beans - harden off seedlings
Week 3
Week 3
Spring Onions - sow fortnightly
Swede - sow seed outdoors
Week 3Sweetcorn - plant out seedlings sown in pots indoors
Week 4
Week 4
Leek - buy seedlings and plant outside
Lettuce - sow fortnightly
Week 4Onions - water in dry conditions
Week 4Parsnip - thin seedlings to 15cm / 6in apart
Week 4Radish - begin to harvest
Week 4Runner Beans - sow seed outside
Week 4Runner Beans - plant out seedlings sown in pots indoors
Week 4Squash / pumpkins - plant out
Week 4Tomatoes - plant out

Week 1Asparagus - stop harvesting - No Harvest First Year
Week 1Cucumber (ridge) - plant out (grown indoors / shop bought)
Week 1Carrot (early) - harvest those sown under cloches
Week 1Cucumber (ridge) - plant out (grown indoors / shop bought)
Week 1Lettuce - begin to harvest
Week 1
Week 1
Sweet Peppers - harden off
Spring Onions - sow fortnightly
Week 2Cauliflower (summer) - begin to harvest
Week 2Potatoes - potash feed fortnightly
Week 2Swede - thin seedlings in stages to 25cm apart
Week 2Sweet Pepper - move to final position
Week 2Turnip - begin to harvest
Week 3 onCarrot - harvest as they become ready
Week 3Cauliflower (autumn) - plant outside
Week 3Cucumber (ridge) - prune main stem
Week 4Cabbage (summer) - begin to harvest
Week 4Cauliflower (autumn) - begin weekly feed

Week 2Potatoes - plant sets for autumn harvest
Week 3Cucumber (ridge) - begin to harvest
Week 3Kale - transplant to final position
Week 3Onions - stop watering
Week 4Beetroot - begin to harvest
Week 4Cabbage (spring) - sow (pots / temporary bed)
Week 4Sweetcorn - begin to harvest

Week 1Onions - begin to harvest
Week 2Runner Beans - begin to harvest
Week 3Leek - begin to earth up
Week 4 onLeek - continue earthing up

Week 2Parsnips - begin to harvest
Mid monthAutumn Onion Sets - plant
Week 3Swede - begin to harvest (through to early Jan)
Week 4Cabbage (spring) - transplant

OctoberAsparagus - cut down when foliage yellows
Week 3Cauliflower (autumn) - begin to harvest
Week 3Kale - begin to harvest
Week 3Squash / pumpkins - take indoors to cure
Week 4 onLeek - begin to harvest
Week 4Rhubarb - plant crowns up to end of February

Week 2Squash / pumpkins - start to use
Week 3Brussels Sprouts - begin to harvest

DecemberApple - plant trees
DecemberApple - prune trees


  1. Nice list Alan, I also like the comments.

    1. Thanks for the comment Mal, it's nice to get them once in a while - Rather than having spreadsheets and word documents it's all going on here so that it's in front of me. Lots to add and modify as I look back on the last four years.